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Costa Tropical

The Costa Tropical is home to some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches and coves.

The area enjoys 320 days per year with sunshine, making it one-of the sunniest places in all Europe! This coast averages 20 degrees Celsius.
The region in which this amazing 73 km coastline is, has been known for over two centuries because it’s home to many tropical fruits such as mangoes or avocados!

The history and culture of the people living in this area is rich with a thousand year old tradition. Originally founded by Phoenicians, who gave it the name Sexi to what we know today – Sexi-Almuñecar; however there are plenty more reminders left behind for visitors like you! You can tour some ruins from Roman times or walk through an aqueduct made out five different sections that date back even further than those ancient civilizations were able too… Not only does your visit here provide insights into Spain’s past but also helps educate current day descendants about their heritage .

The tropical coast of Spain is a place steeped in history. The Nineteen municipalities that make up this region have been hosting visitors for centuries, and many still preserve the remains from different times. In Almuñecar you can visit the remains of a Roman salting factory, aqueducts and an Arab castle.

If you’re looking forward too experiencing some music then head on down to Almuñecar, where they hold an annual jazz festival every summer – it’ll be worth your while.

The largest town in the province of Granada after its capital, is Motril. Which has plenty to offer.  Its monuments include the Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnación and the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza, built on the former pleasure palace of Queen Aixa, mother of the last monarch of the Nasrid dynasty.

Salobreña is one of the beautiful white villages that you can find in Andalucia. Its small white and cubic houses swirl in front of the sea around a hill crowned by a monumental Moorish castle. From the top you can experience, in a single glance, delightful views over the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean.

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